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Genuine Gifts and More – Our Offer

Posted by Linda Markham on

Genuine Gifts and More – Our Offer

Let’s be clear – at Genuine Gifts and More we are well-aware that there are hundreds of other online stores out there. However, what makes us special and different than the others is the fact that we have a wide selection of unique products.

Before we highlight our products, we must mention that our products are handpicked. This means that our team of experts is choosing modern products and checking their quality before they are offered on our website. In this way, our customers can rest assured that they are buying durable, attractive and fair-priced products.

Due to the fact that we have over 1900 products in our offer (and this number is going up almost on a daily basis) we have decided to separate our products in a few different categories and make finding the most suitable products for our customers easier and simpler. Of course, we also have a reliable search engine.

There are currently 15 different categories of gifts at Genuine Gifts and More. First of all, we have candles, chandeliers, lamps and lanterns which are excellent gifts for people who love their homes and love staying at home. From small tea lights and candles to outdoor lanterns, you can find everything at Genuine Gifts and More. These products come in different colors and shapes.

The coastal and nautical category, as the name suggests, contains products inspired by sea motifs. We have beautiful birdhouses, lanterns, ship models, sailboats, fishing boat birdhouses, corals and more.

At Genuine Gifts and More, you can also find rustic and country home décor. Rustic and country style is an evergreen style so you can’t go wrong if you choose gifts like this. Of course, keep in mind that this is a gift so you should know what the recipient expects. Most of these products are made from wood and iron.

If you are not sure what you want to buy, you can’t go wrong with our decorative vases, bookends, bowls and clocks. There are so many different models which make us convinced that you can find one that you like.

In case you want to beautify your home or your friend’s home which has a fireplace, you can also choose one of our fireplace screens. Rustic forest, Tuscan, Vineyard estate, Cowboy round-up, the Lone star – these are just some of the fireplace screens we have.

We also have beautiful fountains which can be used both inside and outside. They also come in different styles and shapes.

Making a garden more attractive and beautiful is now simpler than ever. We have different flowers, birdhouses, chairs, tables, fountains, flower carts, gnomes and other products that can make this area look great.

We also have practical and attractive gifts like totes, handbags, shoulder bags and other similar items. Needless to say, they are made from different materials and come in different styles.

In addition to these products we also offer backpacks and lunch boxes, pet theme gifts, religious and zen products, spa gift baskets, statues and sculptures, wall art, and wine accessories.

Feel free to contact us in case you have any questions!

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